A play on Yoplait

Do you remember the Yoplait commercials with those two women who sit around equating the goodness of yogurt with all sorts of trite scenarios? Allow me to refresh your memory:

I decided to brainstorm my own scenarios, and here’s the list I’ve compiled. Please feel free to leave a comment containing your own twist by filling in the following statement:

This is like __________ good.

  • waking up with an Irish accent
  • watching that annoying driver get pulled over after passing you going 100+ mph
  • being the nerd, getting the girl, and becoming a millionaire (in that order)
  • the doctor telling you that the weird rash in that odd location is nothing to worry about after all
  • finding out he’s not the dad
  • stepping in dog poop and realizing it’s not poop but chocolate pudding
  • realizing M. Night Shy-na-na’s version of The Last Airbender was just a spoof, and the real one will come out next summer (for Matt)
  • realizing The Oregon Trail movie is actually not a spoof but a real film coming out next summer (also for Matt)
  • finding out that guy/girl who dumped you is now addicted to amphetamines as well as main line narcotics
  • watching a marathon of Designing Woman re-runs all day (for Lindsay)
  • discovering your Gender Studies professor is actually a tranny
  • getting paid to play Play Station 3 all day long (for John)
  • being able to pee after holding it for 2+ hours
  • instead of someone leaving another dog in your fenced in backyard, they actually leave a treasure chest full of golden coins and a pair of ruby slippers (for Marisa)
  • scientists discovering an entire population of once extinct pygmy pandas
  • seeing your middle school bully on a reality show and watching he/she make a complete tool of themselves
  • discovering Greek yogurt after having eaten Yoplait all your life

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