Food/Celeb Combos

Lately, I’ve been ridiculously busy with weddings, traveling, and trying to learn how to play the keyboard that’s been collecting dust in the corner of my room for several years now. Even work has been rather burdensome. To top it off, I had to make a to-do list the other day, which is a devastating predicament for someone who prides herself on making mental notes and the occasional memento on her hand. I like simple, and maybe that is why I like sandwiches. When you’re really busy, nothing is more simple, convenient and satisfyingly delicious than a good sandwich. It doesn’t matter what kind it is—turkey and avocado on wheat, peanut butter and jelly on Wonder, or pimento cheese on toasted pumpernickel. Sandwiches are a great filler, and considering that life’s been hectic for me, this blog is also a filler of sorts because while it is somewhat food related, it’s really just short, simple and fun.

While traveling to Hot Springs, AR, for a little canoe/lake fun with our attractive friend Chris, we (Matt and I with some help from Lindsay) compiled the following list of food/celebrity combos. This list evolved after a reoccurring conversation that Matt and I have about our deep desire to hang out and drink cheap box wine with Betty White, Dolly Parton and Kathy Griffin’s mom. I have taken the liberty to edit the list down to what I believe to be the crème da la crème of food/celeb combinations, so enjoy!

  • soup with Anne Hathaway
  • Double Downs with Drew Barrymore
  • pancakes with Neil Patrick Harris
  • milk and cookies with Jillian Michaels
  • the casserole with Tim Burton
  • Jell-O shooters with Martin Scorsese
  • peanut butter with Carrie Underwood
  • mashed potatoes with Minnie Driver
  • sweet tea with Mary Steenburgen
  • candy corn with Carol Channing
  • chips and salsa with Ryan Gosling
  • bacon with Morgan Freeman
  • cherry pie with Kristen Stewart
  • Yoo-hoo’s with Gerald Butler
  • spaghetti with Meryl Streep


...with Neil Patrick Harris


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